What started as a punny nickname for Da'Shan, transformed into a media writing legacy and a new brand building slowly but surely. 

Revisiting Aaliyah’s Strangest Song, An Homage to Soap Villain Erica Kane | Pitchfork

Thirty-eight years ago today (January 16, 1979), Aaliyah was born in Brooklyn. Nine years earlier to the day, the biggest diva the soap opera world has ever known made her debut, when Susan Lucci joined the cast of ABC’s “All My Children” as Erica Kane. The connection between the divas runs deeper than the same birthday. On the remastered edition of Aaliyah’s final album, 2001’s Aaliyah, as well as her posthumous greatest hits compilation, *I Care 4 U *(2002), appears a peculiar bonus track title...

Trey Songz: Anticipation 3 Album Review | Pitchfork

At the end of last December, videos surfaced of Trey Songz destroying a stage at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit during a mini-temper tantrum. The event staff who prevented Trigga from performing past the venue’s 11:30 pm curfew presented him a golden opportunity for free promo—the smirk on the singer’s mugshot, which went viral, all but announced “new music is dropping soon.” Sure enough, Trey Songz and his frequent collaborator, Fabolous, surprised fans with their joint EP *Trappy New Years *on New

T.I.: Us or Else: Letter to the System Album Review | Pitchfork

T.I.’s tenth studio album* Us or Else: Letter to the System* emerges from Us or Else, a six-track EP from September 2016 that found him in a revolutionary mood. The new LP, fleshed out with nine new tracks, is just the latest point on a timeline of the rapper's growing social consciousness. He has been a high-profile proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement; his album follows in the wake of his march in solidarity for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the firing of an appropriating protégee...