What started as a punny nickname for Da'Shan, transformed into a media writing legacy and a new brand building slowly but surely. 

The okayplayer Archives

Founded in 1999 by ?uestlove of The Roots and author Angela Nissel, okayplayer became a message board hub for the alternative music scene. More than 20 years later, okayplayer has developed into a cultural hub for black lives-- taking the mission of highlighting the issues that matter most seriously. 

Longform Analysis

Articles with an in-depth analysis of the music and cultural issues at hand. 

From DeFord Bailey to Ray Charles to Solange: The Long Lineage of Black Artists Making Country Music Pop

As a genre stemming from an alchemy of blues and folk, country music has a storied history in Black art spaces. Despite this presence often being erased, cast away, or discredited, from the 1920s to 2019, Black artists have been the one’s pioneering and preserving country music, and that impact can be seen through its traverse influence over art from across genres and generations.