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10 Years After 'Good Girl Gone Bad,' Rihanna Has Surpassed Her Goal of Becoming the 'Black Madonna'

"I want to be the black Madonna." Ten years ago, Robyn Rihanna Fenty made that bold declaration to PAPER. In doing so, the Bad Gal had already set the wheels in motion for accomplishing that aspiration -- in spirit of the Material Girl, she got the critics talking. There’s been a running list of pop acts prior to (and after) Rihanna’s revelation who’ve expressed a desire to match Madge. But Rihanna’s claim in particular held more conviction, as it was already on its way to becoming a reality.
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The Music Maven

Exploring the musical legacy of Rihanna. 

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The 30 Defining Moments of Rihanna's Career

It may seem sort of impossible that Rihanna is turning 30 years old today (Feb. 20), as she's already been an essential part of our lives for about half that long. Since breaking through internationally as a 17-year-old pop star in 2005, the Barbadian multi-threat has expanded her dominance from top 40 radio to film, TV, fashion, art, charity and Twitter shade, and enters her thirties as one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet. Here are the 30 biggest moments that have defined her singular career along the way.

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How Rihanna's ‘Love On The Brain’ Became the Most Subtly Influential Pop Single of the Past Year

Analogous to one of Anti’s motifs of mixing the old with the new, “Love on the Brain” is practically a sonic paradox. It offers a timeless sensibility, as a traditionally pop-friendly ballad with contemporary cadences — its soft doo-wop sway and gently supportive backing vocals juxtapose nicely with Rihanna’s stunted, almost trap-like vocal approach and frank lyrical expletives. The song’s edgy R&B backbone suits urban radio listeners, while the retro factor and Rihanna’s star brand completes pop and adult contemporary needs.

The Fashion Icon

Exploring the rich history of Rihanna's artistry and its reign over all her respective industries. 

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Fashion Experts Explain Why Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Line Is a Game-Changer for Lingerie

Last week was a big week for Rihanna in the fashion world. Not only did she co-host the Met Gala  -- an event she’s practically dominated with iconic looks for nearly a decade -- she also launched her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, on Friday. The collection is just the latest addition to the pop star’s growing business empire, which already includes her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line and her Fenty Puma collection, among other ventures. And while she’s hardly the first celebrity to launch her own l

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Top 7 Stylish Musicians Who Are NBA’s Courtside Killer Kings & Queens

The sky is truly the limit for Diddy when it comes to his courtside style. Just for emphasis, the mogul has cheered on some of the best players while wearing floor-length fur coats. In this throwback picture from a playoff game in 2003 between the Boston Celtics and the then-New Jersey Nets, the rapper decked himself out in his label Sean John -- this particular look of cool gray and pristine white reminiscent of a certain era of fashion.

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Rihanna's Game-Changing Bob: Hairstylist Ursula Stephen Remembers the Haircut Ten Years Later

When the music video for Rihanna’s hit number one single “Umbrella” first aired in March 2007 (followed by an appearance from the leading lady on the red carpet of the 20th annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards), it unveiled a side of the singer fans weren’t familiar with. Rocking a jet-black bob haircut, Ri -- who at the time was known for her catchy yet relatively benign track "Pon De Replay" -- solidified her entrance into edgier territory with Umbrella's parent album Good Girl Gone Bad, ush

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Rihanna Goes 'Desperado' At Dior Fashion Show, Plus 5 More of Her Best Fur Coat Looks

Last night (May 11), Rihanna attended Dior's Cruise 2018 fashion show donning a fur coat  -- making for one of her coziest looks to date. Although the choice came as sort of a surprise for the California spring weather in May, the singer managed to stand out in a stunning way. After all, she loves her fur and pulls it off every time. Here's that look and five more memorable fur coat moments from the BadGal.

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Rihanna Wears Fenty x Puma During Surprise Visit to L.A. Pop Up Shop, Jams to Kendrick Lamar on the Way

Rihanna at the FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Experience on April 18, 2017 in Los Angeles. Rihanna graced her Puma x Fenty two-day pop up shop with her presence yesterday (April 18). Earlier in the day, Puma tweeted the address of the LA venue hosting the collection's pop-up shop, alongside an image of the line's coveted Bow Creeper Sandal. An hour later, the fashion retailer tweeted "Yes [crown emoji] .[email protected] be attending the #FENTYxPUMACollection shop" -- immediately sending droves of her....