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A Rihanna Stan Goes To Her Book-Launch Event

As a stan, there often come moments of asking yourself, "How did I get to this point?" That moment came when I attended the launch of The RIHANNA Book— the star’s 2019 portrait autobiography— at the Guggenheim Museum.
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It's safe to say I'm becoming the digital biographer of Rihanna... 

Well at least in the music journalism game...


10 Years After 'Good Girl Gone Bad,' Rihanna Has Surpassed Her Goal of Becoming the 'Black Madonna'

"I want to be the black Madonna." Ten years ago, Robyn Rihanna Fenty made that bold declaration to PAPER. In doing so, the Bad Gal had already set the wheels in motion for accomplishing that aspiration -- in spirit of the Material Girl, she got the critics talking. There’s been a running list of pop acts prior to (and after) Rihanna’s revelation who’ve expressed a desire to match Madge. But Rihanna’s claim in particular held more conviction, as it was already on its way to becoming a reality.
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