The Birth of the Meme Candidate

Yet the “Bernie or Hillary?” memes are about more than pop culture. They portray Sanders as someone who expresses opinions based on genuine knowledge and passion, while Clinton's character seems to say what she thinks people want to hear. Many BSDMS memes are more overtly sexist: Clinton is always cast as a villain that exhibits the traits of a strict mother or teacher that kills the fun. The Bernie-fan memes also use Bill Clinton’s affairs as an excuse to sexually degrade Hillary...

Bitmojis: The avatars of conversation

Bitmoji not only serves as a new form of nonverbal communication, but also as a game of images, identities, and human emotions. There are also times when the avatar can be used as a scapegoat or a passive aggressive tool. His constructed smiles and softer demeanor bring a sense of warmth to whoever he is sent to. And when I need to send an angry, annoyed, or somewhat snarky response, the caricature aspect of the Bitmoji helps soften the blow in a moment that’s not intended to cause drama.

Binge Watching 3GTV

For his new project 3GTV, awarded a 2015 Rhizome micro-commission, Alex Taylor culls 3GP videos from YouTube, re-presenting them in a CGI interface that simulates the experience of a 3D smartphone. Users are able to view an endless loop of randomized 3GP video clips that were harvested from YouTube. If you’re lucky, you may run into a video of a boy dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean or Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D introducing Pitbull during an MTV Spring Break special from 2011.