What started as a punny nickname for Da'Shan, transformed into a media writing legacy and a new brand building slowly but surely. 

This 2002 The Proud Family Episode Got Refreshingly Honest About Classism in Black Families | TV Guide

Across 52 episodes and a TV movie, The Proud Family's main protagonist, Penny Proud (voiced by Kyla Pratt), often found herself successfully navigating through the usual experiences of growing up — thanks largely to her feisty personality and the outlandish antics of her family and friends. On this episode, she hopes to reunite factured family lines in order to save her twin siblings' baptism.

MTV Movie & TV Awards Are 'Like a Millennial Golden Globes,' Exec Producer Says

Last week, MTV announced that the annual Movie Awards would transform into the Movie & TV Awards, before revealing the ceremonies new categories, rules, and nominees. The scheduled May 7 telecast will be the first ceremony to include television and streaming content in its awarding process, after 25 years of solely honoring film. Executive producer Casey Patterson -- who will be acting in the role for a second straight year -- discussed with Billboard why the MTV Movie & TV Awards...

Revisiting how Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' era set the pop industry standard

What had also become evident from Thriller, thanks to the executive-producing genius of Quincy Jones, is how each song managed to balance on a fine line of pop choruses and lyrical structuring with R&B-fueled instrumentation and sub-genres. In an internet-breaking interview with Vulture earlier this year, Jones mused about working with Michael Jackson, making some shocking accusations about the singer’s work ethic, but also mentioning something that could explain why Thriller stood out from the rest.

LGBTQ Nightlife: How DJs Straddle the Line Between Taste-Making and Crowd-Pleasing

On a humid Friday night in Manhattan, Sean Paul’s “Temperature” can be heard blasting on an East Village street every time a door opens. The source of the 2006 Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper is Phoenix, a neighborhood gay bar. Inside Phoenix, it proves to be a challenge to squeeze, dance, and maneuver from the bouncer through a packed dancefloor to the DJ in the back. Standing tall -- and next to a pool table conveniently pushed aside to make more room for dancing -- Phoenix’s resident tastemaker...

The School of TLC: Matching 10 of the Group's Classics With '10s Songs Modeled After Them

The music of TLC taught three valuable lessons: How to navigate the changing waves of R&B with melodic pop hooks and swagged-out, hip-hop funk; the importance of sel- love, especially for women unafraid of expressing their rights, political concerns, or true desires; and most importantly, the definition of a “scrub." One of the most successful girl groups in the '90s into the early '00s, the trio consisting of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas laid out....

Rihanna's Game-Changing Bob: Hairstylist Ursula Stephen Remembers the Haircut Ten Years Later

When the music video for Rihanna’s hit number one single “Umbrella” first aired in March 2007 (followed by an appearance from the leading lady on the red carpet of the 20th annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards), it unveiled a side of the singer fans weren’t familiar with. Rocking a jet-black bob haircut, Ri -- who at the time was known for her catchy yet relatively benign track "Pon De Replay" -- solidified her entrance into edgier territory with Umbrella's parent album Good Girl Gone Bad, ush

10 Years After 'Good Girl Gone Bad,' Rihanna Has Surpassed Her Goal of Becoming the 'Black Madonna'

"I want to be the black Madonna." Ten years ago, Robyn Rihanna Fenty made that bold declaration to PAPER. In doing so, the Bad Gal had already set the wheels in motion for accomplishing that aspiration -- in spirit of the Material Girl, she got the critics talking. There’s been a running list of pop acts prior to (and after) Rihanna’s revelation who’ve expressed a desire to match Madge. But Rihanna’s claim in particular held more conviction, as it was already on its way to becoming a reality.

A Ranking Of Beyonce's 'B' Day Video Anthology Album'

After she changed the game with the digital drop of her surprise visual LP BEYONCÉ, followed by flipping HBO (and the world) upside down with LEMONADE, many tend to forget that Beyoncé had already set the wheels in motion. Ten years ago, on April 3, 2007, the singer released the B’ Day Video Anthology Album, the first of her discography’s three visual albums. Partnered alongside the deluxe re-release of her 2006 sophomore effort, B’ Day, the set featured music videos for 13 of the album’s tracks...

Journey Through Sierra Leone & South London in Sampha's Emotional Short Film 'Process'

Sampha pairs a short film with his poignant debut Process. Premiering on Friday (March 31) exclusively on Apple Music, Process serves as a striking, avant-garde portrait of the British musician and his roots in Morden, South London, and Freetown, Sierra Leone. The 37-minute film -- presented by Apple and Young Turks -- combines documentary-style footage with stunning cinematic visuals of the African people in Freetown as well as the busy streets of the U.K. The British musician also makes cameo...

The Birth of the Meme Candidate

Yet the “Bernie or Hillary?” memes are about more than pop culture. They portray Sanders as someone who expresses opinions based on genuine knowledge and passion, while Clinton's character seems to say what she thinks people want to hear. Many BSDMS memes are more overtly sexist: Clinton is always cast as a villain that exhibits the traits of a strict mother or teacher that kills the fun. The Bernie-fan memes also use Bill Clinton’s affairs as an excuse to sexually degrade Hillary...

Binge Watching 3GTV

For his new project 3GTV, awarded a 2015 Rhizome micro-commission, Alex Taylor culls 3GP videos from YouTube, re-presenting them in a CGI interface that simulates the experience of a 3D smartphone. Users are able to view an endless loop of randomized 3GP video clips that were harvested from YouTube. If you’re lucky, you may run into a video of a boy dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean or Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D introducing Pitbull during an MTV Spring Break special from 2011...