"We was praisin' Billboard but we were young. Now I look at Billboard like 'Is you dumb?'" 

~ JAY-Z 


Charting Black Excellence | The significance of Normani and Khalid's "Love Lies" hitting No.1 on pop radio

Normani and Khalid’s presence in the top region reveals that pop radio, which considers itself the "Mainstream Top 40," has a ways to go when it comes to being fully representative. On the week of September 18, 2018, "Love Lies" became the first song on the pop radio charts with solely black artists to go No. 1 since Flo Rida in 2016. The first in the series of "Charting Black Excellence".
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REVOLT TV's Charting Black Excellence

What stemmed from personally witnessing black artists not receive their proper dues from the media-- when they top and influence the Billboard charts-- has manifested into a column celebrating those accomplishments.