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This 2002 The Proud Family Episode Got Refreshingly Honest About Classism in Black Families | TV Guide

Across 52 episodes and a TV movie, The Proud Family's main protagonist, Penny Proud (voiced by Kyla Pratt), often found herself successfully navigating through the usual experiences of growing up — thanks largely to her feisty personality and the outlandish antics of her family and friends. On this episode, she hopes to reunite factured family lines in order to save her twin siblings' baptism.

Rihanna's Marion Crane Finally Has Her Shower Scene In 'Bates Motel': Watch

Warning: There are spoilers from Episode 6 of Bates Motel in this post. Monday night (March 27), viewers of the fifth and final season of A&E's Bates Motel got to see the series' most high profile guest star, Rihanna, in a much more revealing light. Rihanna's guest turn as a modern-day Marion Crane (the ill-fated hotel guest in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho) marked the second episode in which the singer appeared.

Journey Through Sierra Leone & South London in Sampha's Emotional Short Film 'Process'

Sampha pairs a short film with his poignant debut Process. Premiering on Friday (March 31) exclusively on Apple Music, Process serves as a striking, avant-garde portrait of the British musician and his roots in Morden, South London, and Freetown, Sierra Leone. The 37-minute film -- presented by Apple and Young Turks -- combines documentary-style footage with stunning cinematic visuals of the African people in Freetown as well as the busy streets of the U.K. The British musician also makes cameo...