The Nightshawn 101 Archives

What started as a punny nickname for Da'Shan, transformed into a media writing legacy and a new brand building slowly but surely. 

Since starting a music blog in fall 2014, Da'Shan Smith has sharpened his penchant for archiving and documenting the history of contemporary music, modern celebrity, and trending Pop Culture. Writing for major publications such as Billboard, Okayplayer, TV Guide, MTV News, and REVOLT TV, his evolving legacy in cultural journalism has branched into other multimedia endeavors. To say the least, the writing portfolio of Da'Shan-- aka Nightshawn101-- is larger than life as it captures an alternative perspective. Welcome to that portal of creative work shaking up the industry: The Nightshawn101 Archives! 

Nine Lil’ Kim Songs That Foreshadowed Trends in Contemporary Hip-Hop

What Lil’ Kim was rapping about more than a decade ago is what hip-hop is experiencing now. Here is a list of influential Lil’ Kim songs that successfully gave insight to the issues that matter in today’s hip-hop.
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